Image and Hunting Ground
Liang Hao Solo Exhibition
2017.06.24 - 07.20

Image And Hunting Ground

My earliest interest lies in the image of reflection, it could be very visual, because it has shiny texture and is the reflection image of the object, I imagine this kind of physical texture as the symbol which is very calm and fragile, so when at the very beginning when I started to do these works, the reason was based on a very simple and direct level, although each work still contained different ideas, and in the works how waiting and choices were described, and how to relate to certain situation the des ......(More)

On Being Present – Liang Hao

Liang Hao masters to create a stand-still, a moment of peace and reflection and inviting us to his visual world. This involves a passage from representation to presentation, that is, instead of showing a perpetual present in a parallel temporality in order to make the absent partially present, the image has become sheer presence, immediacy: the here and now in real time. ......(More)

梁浩 让记忆在猎场重逢

时隔近两年,梁浩即将带着全新个展《映像与猎场》亮相Hi艺术中心。相对于首次展览简单的集结,两年的时间梁浩完成了从线索朦胧到愈加明确的调整过程。几何图形以及外来的装饰角色逐渐成为主角的一部分,梁浩甚至为其寻找到贴合日常实物的存在可能;但贯穿作品其中的仍是冷静而理智的思辨,它们被转化成一种必不可少的现场道具,同样不动声色的强化着作品原本的戏剧张力。 ......(More)