Line Gallery-Beijing
2023.08.12 - 09.12

Yulan Hall (Beijing) will present the solo exhibition "Erle" by Fu Junjun, a painter of Lisu nationality, from August 12 to September 12, 2023. Wang, the invited curator of the exhibition, will be responsible for planning and writing special comments, and will display Fu Junjun's new paintings completed in recent years.

The theme of Fu Junjun's paintings originates from his experiences and associations in daily life, so it has a strong narrative. His painting style inherits a lot of modernist traditions. Tough graphics and strong colors are the prominent features of its form. At the same time, the picture follows the visual effects of cutting and collage, showing a bright hybrid. His painting language not only shows the ideas and skills of contemporary painting, but also reflects the unique aesthetic taste of Lisu people. Therefore, the works in the exhibition reflect the ethnic identity and cultural background of the American Army to a certain extent. The exhibition uses the Lisu language "Ole" as its title, trying to remind the audience that when they taste the painting features of these works, they should also pay attention to the special identity and living situation of this contemporary painter from the "Straight ethnic group".