Founded in 2006, Line Gallery with a talent-discovery attitude has focused its attention on the young generation and aims to identify and introduce potential young artists with personal characteristics and clear art style to the public since its foundation. As a gallery providing exhibition, publication, sales as well as collection of contemporary art, Line Gallery has taken on its unique art dimension after seven years of accumulation and growth.

Line Gallery has always adhered strictly to its principles and attitudes: pioneering cognitive thinking, close attention to and thorough cultivation of young artists, persistence in discovering outstanding artists with collective characteristics of the new generation and moreover strong personal characteristics, and provision of freer stage and diversified possibilities for the young artists. In the form of solo art exhibition, Line Gallery successfully promoted many excellent young artists such as Mu Lintong, Yan Shilin, Sun Ying, Xia Yu, Biimrock, and Jin Haofan; meanwhile, group exhibitions of young artists also presented many energetic artists and now keep injecting succession strength of the new generation into the contemporary art of China.