Works of Xie Haiwei
2009.04.18 - 05.20

What is the smell of teen spirit? Everyone has his / her ideal answer.

My answer is to do what you really love when you still hold your strength. Just like a writer turns his dissatisfaction into a masterpiece, I paint out my feelings and believe that I’ve got the whole world when doing so.

While painting, I am the god of my world. But after that, I am forced to criticize my creation objectively. I am no longer the god with a paintbrush. I feel the pressure of responsibility–a responsibility for my work, for every existence! Like a doctor, a salesman, everyone has a unique obligation. Maybe this is the obligation of an artist. “Okay, since you can’t see it, you can’t hear it, you can’t feel it, then let me help!” I even extract the essence of existence, enlarge it and exaggerate it, until no one can ignore it anymore! I know too well of the power of one’s spirit. Sometimes I even feel that my work flourishes out from my heart by itself. But now, I realized the might of “existence”. The toughest heart may become so weak in front of it.

So I try to use it in suitable place. So I try to observe, observe the existence with neither prejudice nor selection. I am so joyful and grateful, so sorrowful and fearful for BEING HERE in this world. I love life, more than everyone else. But what I try to express is not the limited life of myself. The world is not beautiful, therefore it is. I won’t ignore any kind of existence. I see with honesty, feel with heart and communicate with spirit!

When looking at my work, I hope everyone can discover some existence which was ignored with good reason or bad reason by us on purpose. There are so many things that we should do, but even more things we forget to do! I am immature, but not shame. I keep growing with my works. Sometimes I find art is so far away, the other time I feel it is just under my feet. No matter what, I am still painting.

I am patient, and will keep searching. I will live as a coward brave, frantic grim, angry mild and silent crazy “Artist” at all cost!