Frida and My Imagination
Female Artists Born After 1985(Line Gallery · Shanghai0
2021.04.03 - 05.05

Since the 21st century, the concept of ‘female involving in art’ as a cultural phenomenon has attracted more and more attention. Under this circumstance, female artists, as a group, is showing more diversity and personality. Their art pieces are also given more meanings and charms. The 17 artists of this exhibition are selected as a sample group representing Chinese female artists born after 1985. All of their creations and artworks implied women's unique delicacy and sensitivity. As a new generation, the post-85 female artists have been inspired more from their educational experience and self-development. Their artworks also reflected more related to individuals rather than social groups. As a result, with little inner conflicts and colorful changes, these art pieces attempt to use dynamic formats to talk with the world and try to explore ‘self and ego’ from Chinese post-85 female artists perspective.