The Curtain of Time
Li Jikai Solo Exhibition
2020.03.28 - 05.10

The solo exhibition “Li Jikai: Time Curtain” marks the first cooperation between the artist and the Line Gallery. Li Jikai was born in Chengdu in 1975, and graduated from the Sichuan Fine Arts Institute. He now teaches at the Hubei Institute of Fine Arts. This exhibition has assembled over 40 paintings by the artist Li Jikai created from 2016 to 2019, and also displays the artist’s ceramic fragment works in recent years. The boy's image in his paintings is getting matured, yet the feeling of solitude is strengthened. It’s about the self-awareness of artistic creation, the gradual growth and aging into the middle age. The artist is immersed in and enjoys the memory of childhood and the lost detail; meanwhile, he faces directly the constant deterioration since childhood with his unique perspective. With the change of time and seasons, like creating descriptive daily life scenery, the artist continues to direct this drama of life. The exhibition presents this series of works from multiple perspectives, to recover the self-sincerity in his many year creations, and to present the irreplaceable traces which time has left in his creation process.