Straying into the Eden Xin Luoting
Xin Luoting Solo Exhibition
2019.12.28 - 2020.02.12

"Strayed into the Garden of Eden - Xin Luoting Solo Exhibition" will be held on

Opened on december 28, 2019 in

beijing yulan hall The exhibition not onlyshowcases artists 18 The artist's 12manuscripts will also be - and presentto you the work of this exhibition

Product, is a kind of artist precipitationfor many years Inner state, still with theclassic image of the artist . _ little girls ascarriers, Family emotions and growth.Fruit, peach, snake, petal and so on, allCold, warm, or seductive. The otherside of the little girl, is contradictory orThe picture is like a world of eden, infact Cost and bitterness.