Peng Hong
Hao Jiantao solo exhibition
2019.03.03 - 04.03

“Peng Hong” is composed of three series, of which “Revive with Mountains” and “Beyond the Auspiciousness” are the essential part and has been continuing to enhance its depth. “Revive with Mountains” depicts the scene of chiffon covering the landscape, pine and stone. Chiffon embodies the will of man. It is light and transparent, varying in shapes with the attachment of things. In Chinese traditional painting, the painter often uses fabric, such as in Buddhist paintings, the tent, canopy, clothing and so on. When chiffon covers on the landscape, pine and stone, it creates a barrier between the object and the viewer, resulting in a reserve. To shape this transparent fabric, I learned from the traditional painting techniques, paying attention to the arrangement of lines and strokes, and finally presented it with the contour with a modern touch. This form is both fused and conflicting with the traditional landscape, pine and stone, which leads to further reverie.