Whisky Notes - Latest Works of Gao Yu
Gao Yu solo exhibition
2019.01.05 - 02.28

You cannot be serious about time, just in a second a young man can be old. I've already been an artist for 15 years. But in these years, I didn’t make any real success or learn something real deep. I still don’t understand what I didn’t. And for what I did understand, I also begin to feel unsure. In my young age, I regard myself as “the free wise man living on the Sleeping Dragon Mountain ( Wolong Gang)”. Though it was a joke, but I was really pride at that time. As Zhuge Kongming determined to do something great out of the mountain in his 20s years old, I did promise something big as well in my 20s. Kongming died at the Battle of Wuzhang Plains before he completes his quest, as a star fall on the earth. I am lucky enough that I till live, but with this tired body, it becomes harder and harder for me to performance an “Empty Fort Strategy”. This tired feeling is knowing that I can’t do better, even with all my strength and all my efforts. It is my nature that can not be changed, so I decided to accept it as a part of myself. I left the Sleeping Dragon Mountain then, made a turn way to avoid Wuzhang Plains, and hoped to find another mountain to live my own life there.