Interpreting Dreams of Grass and Trees, Praying for the Nameless
Mu Lintong‘s Solo Exhibition (hiart space·Shen Zhen)
2023.03.11 - 04.04

The headwind of the times is so strong that people can barely walk alone. Nevertheless, the poet sets out with his paintbrush. Before encountering short phrases and raindrops, he only stops by the seaside and paints for a while...
In the past 16 years, the artist had five solo exhibitions, from “Quadrennium”to "Ekphrasis," to this exhibition. Holding an exhibition every four years has become a natural thing for him. The poet does not blame the slow process of painting, nor does the painter bother with the chaotic poetic emotions, both keeping a certain restraint with themselves.
Mou Lintong lingers among different media such as painting, sculpture, poetry, and music, always trying to eliminate the influence of ideology, concepts, and mental games on visual experiences while maintaining a perceptual awareness of things and allowing the logic of feelings to grow in the artwork.
He dreams for the grass and trees and prays for the nameless. The young painter will keep looking up at the boundless sky, setting out on the road and observing as he walks alone.