Mu Lintong Solo Exhibition
2019.09.01 - 10.07

Painting, sculpture, poetry, music, these are all medias, the expression of tools is infinite, we use what can express our thoughts. For works, I try my best to keep a restraint, choose a conservative way to start the creation of painting and visual language, and think about things I am familiar with. In the process of creation, I try to eliminate the influence of ideology, ideas and thinking games on visual experience, distinguish what are the values of others, and slow down the creation speed, so that I can perceive things and make the perceptual logic become the possible push of my creation. I have no interest in expressing reality, it is already there, there is no need for imitation and appropriation. The charm of creation is perfected through imagination. I think imagination is the foundation of art. Connecting people's emotions with their own part of creation through emotion and imagination is the essence of art. I hope my art can arouse the feelings between people and become a bridge connecting perception.