Stage by Stage
Qiu Jiongjiong's Maniscripts, Films & Paintings
2017.09.29 - 11.05

From painting to films, Qiu Jiongjiong's works freely develop in the media with different forms, appealing his mental motives of changing territory, neither the anxiety of “painting dead" , a commonplace talk of an old scholar, nor the desire of "going international" by younger generation, but an innate interest -- to present his the drama in different scenes. This is related to his life torchbearer-his grandfather, clownery artist Qiu Fuxin in Sichuan Opera. Childhood memories blended between grandson and grandfather have endowed him freedom through different time and space in the name of art .
The name of this exhibition derives from the picture book of the same name "stage by stage", which concludes illustrations made by Qiu Jiongjiong for his father Qiu Zhimin's new biography of Qiu Fuxin "Tales" .